Escargots à la Bourguignonne : The ultimate “slow food”

Escargot at Topaz Restaurant Phnom Penh

Meaty and succulent, snails are earthy, chewy little nuggets that are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious. But the main reason we love them is that they also serve as magnificent delivery vehicles for the hot, buttery, garlicky, iron-rich and satisfying flavours that are the keynote of Escargots à la Bourguigonne. This timeless dish […]

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20 years of serving Phnom Penh’s finest

In July 1997, Topaz first opened its doors as an up-market Franco-Thai restaurant created to serve the country's emerging middle class. But as time passed the focus came to evolve almost exclusively on French fine dining prepared and delivered with healthy doses of passion and flair. As time passed further and the market in Phnom Penh continued to evolve, grow and learn, we also started to focus on creating innovative events that bring the latest trends, techniques and exceptional talents of some of France's finest chefs to Cambodia.

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Late Lunch

Recognising that it’s not always possible for everyone to fit their schedules around the regular hours that restaurants and other establishments keep, Topaz is introducing Afternoon Lunch for those whose busy lives might not always coincide with their appetites.

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