Hervé Rodriguez is coming to town on 15 June 2017

Another spectacular evening awaits for our Les Étoilés Michelin du Topaz series, On the 15th of this month we’re very excited to welcome Chef Hervé Rodriguez, a man whose career seems to be populated by more stars than the Milky Way, including his latest for his own restaurant, MaSa, in Boulogne-Billancourt in the west of Paris.
Chef Rodriguez will be presenting a seven-course adventure in pure gastronomy, building on the dishes that have established the reputation of this very talented flavour conjurer. Some of the highlights from the evening are dishes that blend simplicity with Chef Rodriguez’s signature élan, including his smooth cream of cauliflower topped with an intense espuma of cappuccino, or the perfect egg with Pata Negra ham, the finest ham in the world according to many. This is just the beginning, there is so incredibly much more to come. 
Reservations will be essential for this unmissable evening. Seats are $85 net per person, or $130 net including carefully selected wine pairings. Get yours by email: reservation-topaz@thalias.biz, or telephone: (081) 333 279.


Crème delicate de chou-fleur surmontée d’une émulsion de lait de café
Chef Rodriguez’s signature cauliflower cream with an intense espuma of cappuccino crown
Champagne Brut, Duval Leroy

L’œuf d’une heure dans une sauce basque aigre-douce ornée d’une julienne de jambon ibérique
The perfect egg with spears of Pata Négra ham dressed in a sweet and sour red coulis
Champagne Brut, Duval Leroy

Escalope de foie gras poêlée accompagnée d’un tarama d’anguilles fumées éclaboussée d’encre de seiche sur un lit de Fregola
Pan-seared foie gras with a smoky eel taramasalata and dash of sepia on a bed of Fregola pasta
Lavau, Village Valréas Blanc AOC 2011

Dos de Cabillaud de la Croix Saint-Gilles sur une partition d’un coulis de potirons aux fruits de la passion, de fève Tonka et d’un gel de Jasmin
Cod fish fillet on a swirl of pumpkin and passion fruit, tonka bean foam and Jasmin gel
Lavau, Village Valréas Blanc AOC 2011

Filet de canard de Challans à l’unilatéral, pot-pourri de cerises, aubergines et olives noires
Roasted Challans duck fillet with a dark bouquet of cherry, aubergine and black olive
Château Haut-Blanville, Close de la Plénitude 2009

Sorbet de concombre et d’Aloe Vera sublimé de Caviar d’Aquitaine
Soothing aloe vera-cucumber sorbet with Sturia caviar
Château Haut-Blanville, Close de la Plénitude 2009

Un essai artistique sur deux notes : chocolat Guanaja Grand Cru, et le piment Piquillo
A two-step voyage: Guanaja Grand Cru chocolate with sweet piquillo pepper
Porto Noval Black

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