Brandy on the Brain: What’s the Difference between Cognac and Armagnac?

As demand for this new brandy grew, it soon developed a vigorous reputation for its capacities to ease disease, refresh the memory and comfort the heart, though warnings also abounded about keeping consumption in line with one’s capacities, if one wished to continue to behave like a gentleman. Indeed, brandy held and continues to hold […]

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Simply Unforgettable


Embrace the New Year with an unforgettably luxurious celebration at Topaz where we are preparing a colourful gourmet extravaganza to help you bring in 2020 in exquisite style, including the finest Gillardeau Oysters, luxurious Goose Foie Gras terrine and a magnificent Roasted Tajima Wagyu Beef Striploin with a Veal and Truffle Reduction. Join us on […]

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